5 Honeymoon Destinations That Don't Require a Passport

5 Domestic Honeymoon Destinations that you should look into.

Wanderlust is high on our radar these days, and we often think that we have to go to the ends of the earth to find it.  When it comes to planning your honeymoon, you want a place where you can relax and enjoy your time together, as well as experience some adventure! We think you'll enjoy choosing from these five great honeymoon destinations, and they don't require a passport.

#1: Montana

5 honeymoon destinations that don't require a passport

Montana is home to beautiful, picturesque landscapes and the great outdoors. With two National Parks, there are plenty of options for exploration, site seeing, and experiencing wildlife up close.  It's a great place to escape from everyday life and be refreshed by nature.  Of course, by picking a cozy cabin resort, there are plenty of opportunities to relax at the spa & enjoy your honeymoon adventure together.

#2: North Carolina

5 honeymoon destinations that don't require a passport

This Eastern sea coast state offers several options for exploration and relaxation on your honeymoon.  Here you'll find the Smoky Mountains with stunning views and outstanding hikes. The Outer Banks provide you with beaches, islands, and lighthouses to explore.  You will also find rich colonial history and great dining options! Whether you choose to stay in the mountains or at the beaches, you and your sweetheart are sure to experience a romantic honeymoon getaway together.

#3: U.S. Virgin Islands

The U.S. Virgin Islands are a Caribbean paradise.  Pristine beaches and clear waters are sure to help you relax and create memorable time together.  Delight in snorkeling, kayaking, going on tours of museums while learning the history of these islands, and find time to take in a romantic dinner together while watching the sunset.  The U.S. Virgin Islands provide endless options for soaking in the sun and enjoying each other's company on your honeymoon.

#4: American Samoa


American Samoa is made up of seven different islands which are rich in Polynesian and Samoan culture.  You'll be able to find plenty of rest in the resorts, and enjoy the cultural aspects of the island life, especially the food and festivities! The tropical environment will be sure to refresh you and give you a unique romantic island getaway.

#5: The Florida Keys


There is no shortage of activities to do and beaches to relax on in the Florida Keys.  Take a tour of the everglades, hop on a boat tour, and visit a local brewery. The waters welcome you to various shores to go kayaking and snorkeling.  The fun in the sun is endless, and so are your options for a relaxing stay when you just want to spend some time pampering yourselves.  This honeymoon destination is sure to give you the perfect vacation.

Remember, we're here for you! Planning your wedding can be stressful, but we don't want it to be! Let us know if you need help or have any questions with any of the details for your special day.