7 Dessert Options for Your Wedding Reception

Dessert is one of the most important parts of any event. Here are some options that you should consider.

A traditional wedding cake always stands as a beautiful staple at receptions, but you may be wanting to do something untraditional.  It's your wedding day and you get to enjoy it the way you want to!  If you decide to choose something other than cake, but really want to have the cake cutting ceremony, you can always have a small cake made for the just the two of you.  Below we've got seven great dessert options that you can ponder over, and even taste test, when deciding what dessert you want at your wedding reception.


Donut bars have become a favorite at receptions.  Some donut bars have even become fun backdrops for Instagram posts with your wedding hash tag.  Keep in mind though, that if you have your donut bar set up before guests arrive, the donuts may be entirely gone by the time you get to your own reception.  Be sure to have some measures in place, such as someone designated to inform guests that they are for later, or waiting to place them out until after dinner.


If you're on a budget or creating your own DIY wedding, chocolate fondue with fruit and salty snacks is a great choice.  You can also mix it up with white, dark, and milk chocolate options.  Depending on what time your wedding is, have the fruit prepared the night before, or early the morning of.  A simple tip is to cut strawberries in half creating the appearance of more fruit and helping to save your budget.


Who doesn’t love cake?! We know you’re out there, but we've got this option here for the ones who can't get enough of all the baking shows on the Food Network.  Cake can be a traditional choice with some very untraditional flavors.  Bakers are great at their craft and love making your dream cake come to life! Whether you want red velvet and white chocolate with vanilla butter cream, or key lime pie and lemon curd with a fruit filling, there are endless choices to be made.  Your baker will be sure to pair the best flavor options for you in order to deliver a beautiful and flavorful cake on your wedding day.



Cupcakes are a great alternative to cake.  While your cake flavor pairing options might be limited, you can ask for cupcakes in all different flavors.  A couple things to consider before choosing cupcakes are the number of guests you will have and the flavor options you want.  If you have 500 hundred guests, you need 500 cupcakes.  You may only want to choose two or three different flavors rather than five or six to keep things simple and watch your budget.            


Yes, you can do crepes!  They are delicious, filling, and full of variety.  Toppings & fillings are exciting and endless!  Always have whip cream and chocolate on hand, but some other topping and filling options include cinnamon apples, pumpkin, strawberries, peaches, mango, kiwi, and more! Crepes will need to be made the night before, so whether you have a baker or a friend doing this, make sure you have a head count and let them know what you are planning for.


Candy Bar set ups are adorable and take us back to the 50's and 60's.  Pick whatever little candies you want to delight your guests with! You can have dots, red hots, Hershey kisses, sour peach rings, nerds, runts, and more!  If you are having an outside wedding, be sure to keep the candy covered so that you don't find any bugs in your candy bag!


Can't decide on what to have?  Do a mixed dessert table.  This way you aren't stressing about the perfect set up, and you and your guests can choose from a variety of options.  If there's something that you really want, make sure that someone either sets it aside for you, or that you and your fiancé are dismissed to get desserts first!  Some great options are rice krispie treats, chocolate covered strawberries, cake pops, fruit parfaits, and macaroons.        

We would love to hear about your untraditional dessert table at your reception, and what your favorite desserts have been at weddings you've attending.  Leave a comment and let us know!

May 8, 2017