Indoor Weddings: Ceremony and Reception Tips

Planning an indoor wedding? Here are somes tips + advice.

Planning a wedding brings all kinds of excitement and joy in anticipation of your big day, but we know that there are also moments of stress that are inevitable in the planning process.  Putting together an indoor wedding may seem relatively easy, however there are always some things to consider as you sit down to work out the details of your big day.


Are you planning on having your ceremony and reception at the same location? Not all facilities, even churches, have enough space, or even the right type of space, to host a ceremony AND reception.  Be sure to check into this when you are doing your budget and planning.  If you feel that you absolutely need to have the ceremony at a certain location, inquire about space for the reception.  The need for two venues may put a damper on your budget as well as the date you are trying to plan for.


What is the lighting like inside?  It may be wise to do a walk through with your photographer, or they may already be familiar with the location.  Most photographers can work with what they have, but you can check to see if you want to add some additional lighting from the ceiling or along the side walls (if there are no building codes that prohibit it).  We know a photographer who booked an indoor wedding where no flash photography was allowed.  This is usually a rare case, but it is something that will affect your photos.  Be sure to check on the rules and regulations that your venue has regarding flash photography, adding additional lighting, and decorations.


If you are hosting your wedding at a venue where no seating is provided (such as a warehouse space), be sure to check building codes and what the maximum capacity is for the venue prior to preparing your guest list.  Once you have this information, check around for prices on tables and chairs that you will need.  It’s okay to get multiple quotes and even a few different seating arrangement options to fit your budget and desired look at your venue.


It might seem silly to be concerned about the weather for an indoor wedding; however there are situations that can arise, especially if you have your wedding in an older building.  Older buildings sometimes do not have heating (or air conditioning).  While they may make accommodations for their regular gatherings (a church may be well equipped with fans for sweltering summer days), you may need to advise your guests of the need to dress warmer or cooler.  Be sure to find out these details prior to making a definitive decision on your venue location.

The weather may also play a factor if you have your ceremony at one location and reception at another.  If it's raining, travel may be hindered and your photos may also be affected.  You can, however, be creative for your photos and use umbrellas.  They create adorable wedding photos!

We’d love to hear any advice you have for brides to be about their upcoming day!  Share your stories with us below.

If you have any questions about seating, lighting, or choosing a venue, we would love to go over these options with you!  Just shoot us an email at

March 29, 2017